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Our Services

We understand trees.

Trees are individual, self-optimising structures that are influenced beyond genetic controls and characteristics, adapting to their specific site conditions, surrounding infrastructure and past management.

We seek to balance the physiological and spatial requirements of trees with human aspiration and need, set within the context and constraints of the modern, built environment and our modified landscapes.

Tree Planting and Establishment

Bespoke tree and shrub planting, design and management solutions applicable for all site contexts and output requirements.

  • Concept to Delivery
  • Strategic and functional schemes
  • From Individual specimen planting to woodland creation
  • Urban, peri-urban and rural landscapes
  • Establishment maintenance guidance and planning



Planning and Development

Arboricultural input and support services throughout the planning and development process.

  • Pre design advice
  • Impact Assessments
  • Tree development surveys to BS5837:2012
  • Mitigation Controls
  • Professional reports and supporting documentation

Arboricultural Advisory Service

Strategic planning, support and guidance for the successful establishment of new tree populations and the informed proactive management of existing trees.

  • Tree population protection, maintenance and expansion
  • Proportionate tree risk management
  • Securing the sustainable delivery of environmental goods and services
  • Tree benefit & economic opportunity appraisals
  • Bespoke policy documents