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Steve Evans

Arboriculturist & Chartered Environmentalist

CEnv Dip Arb. (L6) M Arbor A

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Steve Evans has 30 years of experience working with trees, covering all aspects of the  arboricultural industry.

Steve is a Chartered Environmentalist and an award winning Arboriculturist. He holds the Level 6 Diploma in Arboriculture, the Professional Tree Inspection qualification and is a professional member of the Arboricultural Association.

Initially, Steve worked as a commercial tree-planter; he has planted literally hundreds of thousands of trees, both nationally and internationally, in almost every imaginable context. He established and operated a successful arboricultural contracting business in Dorset and worked as a climbing arborist for 15 years.

Steve is now based in North Cornwall and focused on developing his ‘environmental arboriculture’ design, planning and management consultancy. 


the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants.

The science of arboriculture studies how these plants grow and respond to cultural practices and to their environment.


A new approach – Arboricultural Innovation

    Drawing on his recent learning, real-world practical experience and commercial perspective on tree planting, establishment and management practices in the UK, Steve believes that a new approach is much needed.

    Trees are humankind’s oldest resource; as a species we have evolved with trees, utilising them as tools for survival and progression.

    We must now plan, plant, establish and manage trees (and woody shrubs) as multi-functional tools ‘working’ in the current context of an unpredictable changing climate, environmental degradation and ecological breakdown.

    photo of a Veteran oak