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Arboricultural Innovation

Delivering local nature-based solutions to global problems.

Redefining the economics of environmental protection and growth.

Supporting and enabling our clients to achieve their environmental objectives and ambitions

          • Climate change mitigation and resilience planning
          • Decarbonisation strategies
          • Sustainable development and land management
          • Functional green infrastructure and ecosystem service delivery
          • Soil protection and stabilisation
          • Habitat creation, expansion and connection
          • Biodiversity net gain
          • Green prescribing
          • Socio-economic opportunities

      Our Aim

      Our aim is to encourage strategically planned investment in functional, nature-based solutions; to demonstrate and quantify the environmental, social and economic benefits achievable by adopting an innovative approach to arboriculture.

      Tree Investment arboricultural consultants are proud members of the Arboricultural Association