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Customer Testimonials

One of the best measures of any company or professional is what the clients and customers have to say. We are proud to have some great feedback to share on our tree planting, management and advice services which we offer throughout the South West:

Steve advised us on two things: how to reclaim a potentially beautiful garden, with a small lake, that had been overrun and totally dominated by inappropriate, and badly cared for trees and shrubs; and how to care for and restore other more valued trees and shrubs, including a high beech hedge, and a mature ash tree about which we had safety concerns.                      

We both took to Steve’s general approach, which was sympathetic to both our concerns and the steps needed to provide for the long-term future of all the trees and shrubs in the garden. He expertly reassured us about the safety of the large ash tree.

After an initial consultation, Steve carried out a full survey and delivered a comprehensive tree management report, including 22 findings and recommendations; a site plan and a quotation for the recommended work. We were delighted with the report, which was crystal clear, to the point, and was delivered quickly after the survey. His proposals were both realistic, in terms of trees that should be felled or coppiced, and alive to the need for good husbandry in terms of retaining and restoring valued plants and respecting local amenity and habitat. We accepted all the recommendations.

On our behalf, Steve handled the necessary planning application for the work, and subsequently carried out all the work, to the agreed timetable.

We cannot speak too highly of the services Steve provided throughout this project. At the advisory stage, he was quick to size up the nature of the problems we faced, and to recognise our concerns - as keen amateur horticulturalists – to do work of longstanding value. His responses and constructive proposals on all points were admirably clear, concise and forward looking.

He had the full confidence of the planning authorities, and his execution of the actual tree work, at each stage of the project, could not have been bettered: he ably led and managed his team, ensuring that everything was carried out expertly and speedily, with due care, and leaving a clear and tidy site. The results from our point of view have been excellent, enabling valued trees to be retained, and creating large opportunities for new planting.

We count ourselves extremely lucky to have found Steve and gained the benefit of the services he provides. We unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone seeking advice on tree management.”

John & Alison Halliday
Domestic Client

“We have used Steve Evans’ services for several projects in the past that have included the pruning and removal of existing trees, through to comprehensive plans for restructuring wooded areas.

We have found Steve to be most helpful in his assessment of what is permitted by local authorities and producing replacement planting plans, all balanced by his knowledge of the effect that each project will have on the overall health of the trees and the long term benefit to the landscape as a whole.”

Brian Kent & Sarah Curtis
Domestic Client

“I was always very happy to work with Steve during my time as Parks manager within Weymouth and Portland and latterly the wider West Dorset District area.           

I found Steve to be approachable, open and helpful. It was always the case that Steve, wherever possible, approached tree work in a very constructive and ethical way, putting safety first followed very closely by tree health considerations.

It is rare to find a contractor who works so clearly with those priorities and who’s significant underpinning knowledge gave me the confidence to employ them on the most involved and difficult of jobs or to request an opinion on the future work required to a tree or trees, without being concerned that their health and future sustainability would not be a priority.”

Carl Dallison, Parks Manager
Dorchester Town Council

“I have used Steve Evans of Tree Investment Ltd many times for tree reports and site assessments. I have always found that he gave good advice and provided an excellent overall service.”

Nigel Trent
Architectural Technician

“I have worked with Steve Evans for the last 8 years on a variety of arboricultural activities on the Duchy of Cornwall’s Poundbury development. The works have ranged from small items of routine maintenance to the removal of large and confined trees in difficult locations.                      

As a client I appreciate the breadth of skill that Steve and his team bring, the professionalism; high degree of technical ability and the level of reasoned thought that goes into his work. Steve likes to do a job right first time, which saves time and money and increases the output of the work on site.”

Kevin Crabbe
Poundbury Site Manager

“I have known Steve for approx. 12 years and during that time we have worked together on many projects.

Steve has a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of tree work and landscaping that has proved invaluable when it comes to dealing with local authority Tree Officers and without his input I’m sure that we would not have had the success we have in getting some of our projects through the various stages of gaining planning permission.

Steve always has a fair & balanced approach to all aspects of whatever project we may present him with and always endeavours to protect and preserve the trees that should be protected whilst taking on-board all of the developers concerns and strives to reach a conclusion that is satisfactory for all parties.

I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Steve to anyone who is looking for a consummate professional and expert in his field.”

Geoff Buckland