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The Benefits of Trees

As a company who are passionate about trees, it is worthwhile to just remind the odd interested reader of the core reasons why trees are so important…

    The importance of trees


    • Trees can enhance the appeal of your property and its surroundings and therefore increase its value.
    • Trees can reduce your utility bills by sheltering your property from the cooling effects of the wind during the winter months and shading your property during the summer.
    • Trees have a positive impact on people’s physical and mental health, providing an attractive, calming setting for work, rest and recreation.

    • Trees not only provide a valuable habitat for wildlife and increase biodiversity they keep people in touch with nature and the cycle of the seasons.
    • Trees can help to create a sense of place and local identity; increasing a community’s sense of pride in their local area.
    • ’If I knew the world would end tomorrow, I would still plant another tree today’’ Martin Luther King

      Climate Change Adaption and Pollution mitigation

      • Tree planting is one of the most cost-effective methods of removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A single mature tree can remove almost 22kg of carbon each year and release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere for 2 human beings.
      • Trees remove and store pollutants from the atmosphere; research has shown a 60% reduction in particulates in tree lined streets.
      • The canopies of trees slow the rate of rainfall reaching the ground whilst their root-systems hold the soil structure together and slow surface-water run-off; therefore reducing the risk and effects of flash flooding and erosion.
      • The canopies of trees diffuse and therefore reduce, localised wind speeds.